The Explorations in Leadership™ Conference is currently being offered at Morgan State University (MSU) located in Baltimore, Maryland.  This version of the conference offers opportunities for MSU students to examine assumptions and feelings about leadership. 


The Conference takes place in a historically Black College/University (HBCU) and highlights the unique leadership stories that can emerge from this type of organizational environment.  Its aim is to provide an educational experience that enables students to identify and reflect upon their formation as leaders on their campus, in Baltimore, in the nation and the world.  


The generative themes for this Conference are (a) AUTHORITY – the right to do work on behalf of self and others; (b) EMPOWERMENT – the experience of a strengthened awareness of one’s self-worth as a leader and the ability to address the challenges of leadership while having an awareness of external constraints; and (c) RECOGNITION - given some degree of empowerment, leaders will be able to experience an expanded willingness to acknowledge and be responsive to their follower’s situations and to their common human qualities.

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