What is a Group Relations Conference?

Tavistock/Group Relations Primer II

Working within the GROUP RELATIONS TRADITION (see adjacent video and article for more explanation) of paying careful psychological attention to the GROUP-AS-A-WHOLE, the MSU version of the  "Explorations in Leadership"™ Conference invites members to study and examine their thinking about the challenges of leadership and their leadership experiences as members of the academic community at a Historically Black College/University (HBCU).  The Conference is open-ended.  Members are free to study these processes and dynamics in the “here and now” as they become aware of the various dynamics, cultures, feelings, and desires that emerge within the events of the Conference.  Members may also wish to apply their findings as a way of “learning for leadership” both inside and outside the Conference.


The Conference is a temporary institution, existing only for the duration of the conference. It develops its own practices, rituals, culture and ways of working. By focusing on the group and the social system, rather than on individuals, the conference provides opportunities to experience and study the dynamics of groups and the nature and exercise of authority and leadership in “real time,” as the dynamics emerge.


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