Dr. Kimberley A. Turner


Dr. Kimberley A. Turner is a native of Colorado Springs, Colorado but lives in Washington, DC.  She is the Program Manager for the Occupational Safety Health Statistics Program  at the D.C. Dept. of Health and an Associate Minister at Metropolitan Baptist Church in Washington, DC.  Dr. Turner is a graduate of Howard University where she obtained a Ph.D. in Organizational Communication.  In May 2012 she obtained a Masters of Divinity Degree from Wesley Theological Seminary.  Dr. Turner believes the ability of individuals to work effectively in groups and organizations is influenced by the way in which authority is vested and how responsibilities for leadership and followership are assumed.  Dr. Turner is also an Ecumenical OD consultant who assists churches and faith-based organizations in addressing challenges that threaten the health of their institution.  She believes it is critical that the community of faith understands the significance of the various roles, tasks and boundaries of the institution and the authorization of these roles.  She believes it is essential that effective communication takes place between and among the various roles for the sake of the healthy nurturance of the community of faith. This communication is guided by the direct source of communication which is the Holy Spirit.

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