Ph.D., Organizational Communication, Howard University; Associate Professor, Morgan State University; Vice Chair, University Council, Morgan State University; President, Elson Consulting Group,  LLC; Independent Leadership Coach & Consultant; Associate, A.K. Rice Institute for the Study of Social Systems; Member; Training & Certification Committee, A.K. Rice Institute for the Study of Social Systems; Director of Training, Training Conference for AKRI Dialogue Meeting, Spring 2014; Faculty, Chesapeake Center for Public Leadership.


I am a leadership coach and consultant as well as a university professor. Group Relations theory is the cornerstone of my leadership development work with my clients and students; it is an indispensable tool and perspective for me and one I have been using for 20 years now. Among the benefits of Group Relations work on leadership development is how it informs my understanding and experience of "authority," "role," and "boundaries." In this work, the experiential learning allows me to see and feel these constructs in powerful ways. Subsequently, I am able to help my clients (and students) see and feel these constructs in ways they have not considered because they have never really focused on how the unconscious (in individuals and whole systems) influences most of what we create and then experience for ourselves. In addition to my professional roles, I also share my life with my husband of 14 years, Omowale, and my two wonderful children, Imani and Asante. 

Dr. Laura K. Dorsey-Elson

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