Dr. Omowale Elson





Ph.D. (2001)Human Communication Studies and Organization Communication, Howard University;  Adjunct Graduate Professor of Communication Studies at Trinity Washington University; Adjunct Associate Professor of Leadership and Business Studies at University of Mary University College; and as Adjunct Professor of Business Communication at the School of Design, Stevenson University; and Lecturer in Communication at Morgan State University (2000 – 2006). Former Board Member of the A. K. Rice Institute for the Study of Social Systems; President of the Washington Baltimore Center for the Study of group Relations; and Senior Leadership Fellow of the James McGregor Burns Academy of Leadership. Serves also as Vice President of Elson Consulting Group LLC.  Hails originally from Barbados!


For me, a life worth living is a life dedicated to service and social justice. And having a sense that what matters is that you can bring a sense of joy, opportunity, and purpose to others lives. My loving family and friends are so endeared. 

My journey into Group Relations was shaped at Howard University where my late mentor, Dr. Leroy Wells, Jr., fuelled my passion for Group Relations and institutional transformation.  I shared the joy of co-founding the Morgan University’s Explorations of Leadership during a six-year stint on faculty with another mentor Dr. John L. Johnson, Dr. Laura K. Dorsey, my wife, and Dr. Kimberley Turner.

Recently I wrote another chapter (being published this year) entitled: “How Obama’s Hybridity Stifled Black Nationalist Rhetorical Identity: An Ideological Analysis on his Third Space Leadership” in the book, We The Multicultural People: Critical Articulations of Barack Obama’s Presidency in a Neo-Race Era, edited by Heather E. Harris.

I come to this conference staff feeling connected in many significant ways to the executive management, consultants, and the institution. 

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